How to Prepare Stuffed summer squash

We all love palatable, well-prepared food. It lifts your spirits, unlike some poorly concocted food. Stuffed summer squash is deceiving sumptuous dish. When in season, the yellow squash do not only taste good but also adds a good look in your plate. It is one of my favorite meals.

At first you will be forgiven to think that you are eating fat and calories filled food. This delicious meal has about 130 calories per serving.

Stuffed summer squash is best cooked with olive oil instead of butter. Add some mushroom for meaty feel. It has lower carbs than stuffed potatoes and a great flavor too. The good things is that you can feel the squash with anything you like. If Italian food awakens yours taste bud then Italian sausage might give you an awesome Italian experience.

After mixing the squash with stuffing mixture, you may have some leftovers. Simply take the leftovers and bake with the remaining squash. It will reheat quite well the following day. You can choose to have stuffed squash as the main dish or side vegetable dish. The best part is that if you are vegetarian or vegan, you simply omit bacon and animal products you will have yourself a vegetarian meal. Consider substituting the bacon with mushrooms or sundried tomatoes.

Stuffed summer squash is one of the easiest weeknight meals. Summer squash comes in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors. It is advisable to interchange them in recipes although the taste may vary a little. While some people love them very soft, others prefer when they have a little bite left of on them. So if you prefer to have your squash very soft, just increase the cooking time.

You can prepare squash up to the baking stage and store to in a fridge. Bake the squash one hour before serving according to the instructions. Keep it warm until serving.

There are numerous ways you can prepare stuffed summer squash. Simply tweak the recipe according to your preference. Their recipes vary slightly. Below are some of the various stuffed summer squash.

·         Wild Rice Stuffed Summer Squash

·         Lentil stuffed summer squash

·         Italian sausage Stuffed summer squash

·         Rice Stuffed summer squash

·         Ground beef Stuffed summer

·         Stuffed summer squash boats

·         Bacon Stuffed summer squash with bacon

·         Tuscan stuffed summer squash

·         Cheesy stuffed summer squash

Recipes for sausage stuffed summer squash


1.      4 – 6 yellow squash

2.      Chopped onions

3.      Salt and pepper for seasoning

4.      Fresh sausage

5.      Seasoned salt

6.      Paprika

7.      Three tablespoons of parmesan cheese

8.      Two slices of bread crumbs


·         Cut squash into two lengthwise.

·         Fill a bowl with ice water and set it aside

·         Bowl the water and place the squash in the boil

·         Bring the water back to a boil

·         Allow the squash to cook for 5 minutes until soft

·         Remove the squash and place in ice water for two minutes

·         Remove it and pat dry

·         Place it on a paper towel and allow it to drain on a paper towel

·         Remove the pulp and seed from the squash to create room for stuffing


·         Sauté onions in two tablespoons of melted butter

·         Mix onion, melted butter, salt cheese and pepper with scraped squash

·         Fill the squash with the mixture

·         Arrange the stuffed squash in a baking dish

·         Bake for 30 minutes until golden

Bacon stuffed summer squash

·         5 yellow squash

·         4 slices of bacon

·         2 tablespoon of grated onion

·         Shredded Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese

·         Fresh, well chopped Parsley

·         Melted Butter

·         2 tablespoons of olive oil or any mild oil


·         Cut the squash in half lengthwise

·         Scoop out the seeds and unwanted part of the pulp

·         Parboil the squash until tender

·         REMOVE THEM FROM THE boiling water

·         Allow the squash to Cool

·         Cook bacon

·         Crumble the bacon into small pieces. You can also crumble the beacon before cooking

·         Place the squash halves in a lightly greased baking dish

·         Mix bacon, breadcrumbs, onions, and chess thoroughly to make the stuffing mixture

·         Coat panko crumbs with a mixture of parsley, bread crumbs, and enough oil

·         Fill the squash with crumb mixture

·         You can place extra stuffing in a greased baking dish and top with remaining breadcrumbs

·         Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown


Stuffed summer squash cooking process is almost similar regardless of the stuffing mixture. You only need to tweak the preparation process of the stuffing mixture. For instance, if you wish to prepare Italian sausage stuffed summer squash, cook sausage until brown. Sauté with spinach. Put the mixture in mixing bowl and add cubed bread and cheese. Fill the squash with mixture. For wild rice stuffed summer squash cook the rice with garlic, onions, and vegetables. Fill the squash with the cooked rice.