3 Top Strategies for Winning Your Tasting Room Guests

Winning Your Tasting Room Guests

If you are like most of us, you love excellent wine and food. A few wineries understand that whatever goes into your stomach must be healthy. Other than that, they cherish to give you the best experience when you visit them. The founders of Black walnut winery included a tasting room in Phoenixville a few years ago to give their customers the best experience and have been improving them daily. 

They know that many things have changed over the years. One of them is the strategies that you can use to give your clients the perfect tasting room experience. From our experience, here are the top ways you can achieve your goal of winning many customers who visit your tasting room in no minute.

Go Online

When the Black walnut winery was officially launched in 2009, no one cared a lot about the Internet. Indeed, many savvy winery managers had already convinced this idea, but only a few were bold enough to test it. Today, if you do not want to be left behind, taking your tasting room online must be your key priority. This is the first place where your customers will interact with your brand and know the excellent value that you can offer them.

For your winery to be competitive, establish an attractive, easy-to-navigate website to grant the world a chance to discover you. Also, remember to ensure the visuals in the site accurately reflect your brand and the exact type of experience that you offer. Moreover, you should make it much easier for your guests to book reservations for tasting by implementing the most efficient management integration systems, such as a Tock.

That is not all though if you are thinking to take your tasting experience online. Consider your website as your official online face. However, since many people use other digital platforms as well, be sure to exploit them. Maintain a compelling social media presence by being active on Facebook, Instagram, and others. This way, you will allow your audience to tag you in pictures or leave positive reviews, but remember to avoid hard selling. As the name of these sites suggests, they are places where people socialize.

Perfect In-person Experience

The fact that you should take your tasting room online does not imply that the traditional in-person experience is no longer economically useful. In other words, if you want to increase the number of people who visit your tasting room, you must creatively use offline channels as well. Word of mouth and recommendations from concierges will take you to unimaginable heights in a few days. But how you interact with your clients on a personal level is what determines what they will say about you.

In many cases, you will get positive reviews just because you appear professional, friendly, and considerate of the interests of your customers. You may not believe it, but that truth is that many people will choose you over competitors solely based on these things. It is on this basis that you need to spend a little money on business cards, attractive pamphlets, and the likes.

If your competitors are doing all these, you can do your homework and find something unique that will set you apart from the crowd too. In case your customers keep dogs, you can give them tips to guarantee them the peace of mind that that need to lead meaningful lives.

If they want information on the best-canned dog food, however, you’d better read the ultimate reviews before you advise them. You can do many things, depending on your interests. Only be sure you find and rely on credible sources of information because the credibility of your business is essential to you.

Train Your Staff

While all these things are crucial, you cannot ignore exceptional tasting experience. You want to win every one that sets feet in your tasting room. It is possible to attract as many customers as you have always desired but then turn them back by giving them the worst experience. If this happens to you, your marketing effort will bear no fruit at all. There is no way you can overcome that if you hire untrained staff.

Ensure your team can get a lot of people into the tasting room. They will pay the tasting fee, which you need too. But never forget that you cannot correctly monetize your business in that way. You need to keep in touch with your clients. As such, train your staff to be able to collect the contact information of all the clients before they leave your tasting room. This way, you will be able to bridge the offline-online gap and eventually grow your mailing list, increase your brand engagement, and register an increase in the flow of your customers.

Final Thoughts

For you to attract and retain more customers than ever, know that many people love wine but are wary of the traditional wine tastings. For example, they no longer want to hear about things like dry crackers. Moreover, they are using technology to find new information. For that matter, advance your communication techniques and higher well-trained staff to be able to remain competitive.

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