Downing PA


In this article, I am going to be discussing all about Downingtown and where you can have lunch there, with your friends and family members. It is definitely a really nice place, and there are a lot of green spaces as well. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to understand that there would be a lot of rules and regulations as to where you can dine and where you need to take away the food. In this guide, I am going to listing out places where you can actually dine. Some places are closed, because of the pandemic, while some places are open and serving food. A lot of places actually have rules where you cannot sit and eat there, because of the virus. Most of the places actually offer Takeaway options.

Downing Town PA

Down below, I will give you a list of places that are absolutely spectacular and serve you with delicious food.

These are the best lunch restaurants in Downingtown, PA.

    1. Pomodoro Pizza & Italian Restaurant is the very first one that I would like to talk about. Who does not like Italian cuisine? Italian is absolutely one of the best pieces in the entire world. People have left hundreds of reviews for this place, and all of them are positive indeed. They offer pizzas and all kinds of Italian dishes. The price range is actually affordable, between $$-$$$. You are not going to end up spending hundred dollars here, because it is actually affordable. They have really good pizza, bruschetta, pasta and more here.
    2. Green Street Grill is the next place that I would like to talk about. It is currently closed or undergoing renovation, but you should definitely go there when it opens. They may have posted when they are open in front of the store. They also have hundreds of reviews, and all of them are positive. You see a lot of green thumbs-up, because of the kind of food they serve. They offer American cuisine, and they have really good great options. It is not really a breakfast place, but a really good lunch place. It is a very nice place to have lunch with your gal pals or your family.

  1. Victory Brewing Company is next up on the list, and it is actually a very quaint place that has amazing beer indeed. They drew their own beer, and I have to say that it is really good. They have received more than 500 reviews, and all of them are positive. It happens to be a very unique attraction and has delicious food indeed. The prices can be a little high, but if you go during happy hours, you will be satisfied with what you are getting for, for the price you pay. You get all kinds of finger food and American cuisine here. You get really good pizza, pasta and more here as well.